Advice in the use of BIM

Technology is giving us an advantage that has never existed before so you can optimize times and costs, reducing deviations on site and improving productivity. BIM methodology collaborates in the reduction of errors and omissions, reducing execution time and over costs, allowing to develop projects more efficiently.

Develop, plan and coordinate executive projects, with the benefits that BIM offers

We can reach faster ways to anticipate problems that may arise on site, giving possible solutions in advance. We can minimize deviations and unforeseen events, planning all the details and coordinating the different disciplines in increasingly complex projects.

Audits during the execution of the building

Reduce errors in the completion of your projects, avoiding customer complaints in later stages. It is easy to detect process failures in time and to improve proccesses when we make periodic controls on site. Final errors are reduced, which are ultimately what the client visualizes. Es muy fácil poder detectar a tiempo las fallas en los procesos y poder mejorarlas cuando se hace una auditoría periódica en obra a estos procesos. Se minimizan los errores finales, que son en definitiva, los que el cliente visualiza. Podemos minimizar los desvíos e imprevistos, planificando hasta el detalle y coordinando las diferentes disciplinas en proyectos que resultan cada vez más complejos.

Improve profits

Reduce mistakes in building executions

Improve productivity


We are an architecture office based on BIM services, development of executive projects and advice on building site. Based on our experience in supervision and coordination of executive projects, we seek to support enterprises by improving their productivity, optimizing resources, costs and time. We have a multidisciplinary work methodology, including professionals from different areas to provide a comprehensive response to our projects.

We develop projects with international firms regarding BIM

To expand the spectrum, importing knowledge and experience into our country.