Productivity benefits with the use of BIM

Productivity benefits with the use of BIM The vast majority of companies that analyze the use of BIM in construction, highlight that its massive adoption will be a transforming factor in sector productivity. There is a broad consensus among specialists that the implementation of BIM supposes in the present, and will suppose in the future, […]

Keys to work with BIM in the current context

Keys to work with BIM in the current context Many are working from their homes in the context that we are living during the Covid-19 (coronavirus). More than ever, collaboration is vital to ensure that teams can work and communicate effectively, delivering their projects in a timely manner. BIM presents the benefit that teams can continue […]

BIM as a tool in the current times

BIM as a tool in the current times This pause in construction can be an advantage when it comes to getting in line with planning and thinking about how to optimize our resources to the maximum. More than ever, make investments in construction more profitable, reduce re-work, reduce delivery times. BIM is a means that […]

BIM for Real Estate Developers

The current vision of developing a business, in any area, requires a very clear vision of the processes and a secure form of communication between the actors involved, an efficient and modern analysis methodology so that it is profitable for those who invest in them. It is necessary to define the sources of information and this is determined at the contractual level as a measurable and safe strategy for those who carry it out.